Saso has been there, done that over the last three decades. He cut his systems administration, engineering and architecture teeth in the early era of commercialisation of the Internet.

He has realised early on in his professional life that his background in social sciences and interest in technology meet perfectly in information security. His thirst for knowledge and unquenchable curiosity has kept him abreast of developments long before they become mainstream.

His interest in application of information to achieve any objective set has lead him to study information warfare in all its incarnations and names, from Information Operations to Electronic Warfare to Network Centric Operations (NCO) to Psychological Operations (PsyOps) to plain old propaganda, Effects Based Operations to modern favourite: cyber warfare. In the two decades that he has followed the phenomena closely all that has really changed is the names used.

His approach to risk management is best described as Bayesian with a strong influence of psychology, sociology and communicology. His managerial approach is best described as the "servant leader". His ability to enable, grow, and influence teams to greatness is well regarded by the people that know him well.

He doesn't take himself too seriously. He takes his work very seriously.