Culture? We have that in buckets!

Sometimes I wonder why we even bother.

The calculation is quite simple. We know that if you don’t know how to get from point A to point be in the most efficient way you will go past points C, D, and G:
1. Strategy without tactics is the longest path to victory.

Cheshire Cat teaches us that if you don’t care where you want to go it doesn’t matter which direction you take. You will leave this place, but may end up in a much, much worse place:
2. Tactics without strategy is just noise before the battle.

So strategy is important, right? So important, in fact, that most companies develop a new one at least once a year. :-) Why? Because we generally forget the main adage of any social environment, be it corporate, urban, national or intimate:

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Don’t worry about strategy unless you’ve addressed the corporate culture already. But if Sisyphus is your idol keep rolling that stone up the hill.