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Internet resilience

Richard Clayton has a great post summarising the recent paper for ENISA that he co-authored on the Internet resilience. Food for thought: Internet interconnectivity is a complex ecosystem with many... »

Why CyberWar is not possible

OECD has a good paper on why cyberwar is not a possibility (pdf).Excerpt:The authors have concluded that very few single cyber-related events have the capacity to cause a... »

More on InfoWar skirmishes in Russia

InfoWar Monitor has a great summary of the recent skirmishes in the Russian information sphere: Attacks and Controls in RUNETDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on LiveJournal was well publicised,... »

Information Warfare in Russia

What we know about LiveJournal … - LiveJournal is extremely popular in Russia; - some of the opinions by Russian bloggers on LiveJournal aren’t to the liking of... »

First, do no harm

I’ve been spending a good amount of time in incident response and the Roman proverb “Primum non nocere” (“First, do no harm.”) holds especially... »